FYNIGO Self-Play 3 Ways Hanging Door Cat Mouse Toys for indoor


  • ­čÉ▒SELF-PLAY: An interactive plush toy that cats can play by themselves, All you have to do is find a suitable place to hang it, and you can free your hands, suitable for kittens and adult cats
  • ­čÉ▒Adjustable-Elastic: Using elastic rope, the length can also be adjusted through the device to adjust to the appropriate height, the mouse will be pulled by the cat and fly around, trying to catch but not being able to catch, it will make the cat crazy
  • ­čÉ▒3 Ways to Hang: Clips, sticky hooks, suction cups, can be flexibly hung on doors, cat trees, door beams and any other place, not easy to fall off
  • ­čÉ▒Simulation Appearance: Simulation mouse shape, soft surface, built-in small stones, will make rustling sound, arouse the most primitive instinct of catching mice
  • ­čÉ▒Variety Toys: Not only the original mouse, but also any of your cat’s favorite toys can be tied to the free end of the rope, and it will be upgraded to a new toy immediately, very interesting